Great consultancy isn't just going in and helping an organisation solve a problem. It's working with an organisation to challenge the way they think so they can continue to solve problems after you have left. 

Getting an external consultant or coach brings many benefits. Having no preconceptions about internal politics or processes allows for a fresh pair of eyes and often reveals new opportunities. We find by not being involved in day-to-day management, we can focus on driving change through your organisation and staff welcome the opportunity to get involved and be part of the transformation.

We tailor our coaching and consultancy to suit your needs, focusing on delivering value using innovative methods and highly interactive workshops which motivate and engage staff.

If you are interested in consultancy for your organisation, get in touch and we would be happy to discuss your needs. 

Understand the problem

Root cause analysis, interviews and workshops drive out a prioritised list of problems to solve

Optimise how work flows from idea to delivery

Eliminate waste and blockers which cause delays and headaches

Build great products that users love

Coaching of Lean and Agile practices focus teams on delivering value

Train and coach product owners how to work with agencies

Ensure intended value is realised

Plan, drive and support internal change to generate buy-in so that products are used as intended

Onboarding agencies and staff

Contract negotiation and product initiation

Find and train the right staff to use your products

Project briefs that make sense

Facilitate workshops to drive out a backlog of work

Fast, independant project briefs that make sense

Agency selection

Find the agency with the right fit, formally or informally

Understand value for money from their existing agency

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