5 things you can do today to improve your Kanban Board

Many teams find Kanban a great tool for visualising their work and communicating as a team but Kanban boards are only useful if they are kept up to date and relevant information is shown. Here are 5 things you can think about today to improve your Kanban board. Try running through these every few retrospectives and see the results!

Are we Agile? Does it Matter?

Are we Agile? Is This Scrum / Kanban / Lean / Scrumban / DSDM / LeSS? Is our way of working a framework or a methodology? Is it a stand up or a scrum? Iteration or Sprint? Coach, Flow Monitor, Therapist or ScrumMaster? Should we be managing or leading? Does it matter?

8 Things You Can Do Today To Fix Your Broken Team

Do you manage a team that don’t talk to each other? Are they really a team or are they a group of individuals that sit near each other? Do they trust you as a Manager? Here are 8 things we've selected that take a very small amount of effort to implement but we have found create huge value for the teams and managers we have worked with.

Core Principles - Estimating Work

The process of estimating work has caused countless headaches in organisations. It often takes longer than you thought it would and is often one of the most disliked elements of product development. This blog discusses what estimation is, who needs to do it and some techniques that help make estimating more engaging and accurate.

Let's Make Titles Count

We tend to talk about a story by using it’s title rather than the narrative, but do your stories really convey the intent and value of what you’re trying to achieve? Craig talks about the often neglected titles on stories and how to word them effectively.

Product vs Project: Are Projects ruining your Organisation?

Are you a Project or Product Manager? What’s the difference? Does it really matter? Director, Craig Livings talks about the dangers of projects and the impact they have on organisations.

Splitting User Stories

I hear a lot from Developers and Product Owners alike that ‘This story cannot be split, we just need to do it’. I wholeheartedly believe that every story can be split one way or another so let’s go through some of the options that are available to us that may not be immediately obvious.

What do ScrumMasters do again?

There are many definitions of ScrumMaster. But what do these mysterious beings really do? In my time working with agile, I’ve heard ScrumMasters described as many things. To be fair, I think the title ‘ScrumMaster’ itself is a little misleading. The word ‘Master’ conjures up images of authority and expertise that I don’t believe are a fair representation of the role.

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